gay MASSAGE paris

Caring for the male body since 2010

Massages and treatments for the urban gay male

A full range of massages and treatments

Traditional ayurvedic massages

Soft and enveloping massage

Sports deep tissue massage

Massage and stretching



Ayurvedic traditional massage protocols


relaxing treatment

Facial treatment

Full body scrub

Head massage

Sirodhara - Oil drip

Sensual oil massages

Tantric massage

Erotic massage

Massage for couples



Tantric massage protocols




Massages and treatments in Paris

appointment only

last appointment October 9th 2018, re-opening mid april 2019

  • Tuesday and Thursday from 10h30 to 21h - Massages for singles
  • Saturday from 15h to 21h - Massage for singles, massages for couples & massage training
  • Sunday from 15h to 21h - Massages for couples & massage training

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Yoga classes in Paris

Booking necessary

last class on october 10th 2018, re-opening mid april 2019

  • Monday and wednesday from 19h30 to 21h30 - group class - Naked yoga for men
  • Saturday from 10h to 12h - group class - Naked yoga for men
  • Private class monday and wednesday by appointment only

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Yoga retreats in India

Daily practice win time to rest and relax

yoga and massage classes


  • From 10 to 20 december 2018
  • From 14 to 24 January 2019

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Training, massage classes in Paris

15 hours for traditional massage protocols

5 or 10 hours for the tantric massage protocol


  • Next sessions in April and May 2019

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MARK - 06 42 27 36 80

SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram

Email :


I am a gay man, massage therapist by passion

I offer a range of gay massages

I am fully trained and certified for Massage and Yoga


My training is indian and thaï, I have been learning since 1994

I spend part of the year in India pursuing my studies


Certified in Ayurvedic and Thaï massages and treatments

Certified in Kalari Hand and Foot massage and stretches

Certified Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher



My approach and technique is global, it covers all the body

Its as soft as it is strong


My massages are detoxifying, relaxing and energising

I offer treatments that are adapted to your body, your stresses, tensions, temptations.


I offer a range of massages treatments

Traditional indian hot oil ayurveda massage

Traditional thaï dry massage

Specialized Tantric and Erotic hot oil massage


I adapt to everyone's requirements

My touch is precise, firm and soft




The tradition of Ayurveda

The precision of Kalari

The intensity of Tantra

The strength of Yoga

My massages are fully naked 

Special underwear and a sheet can cover a shy body

Mutual respect and hygiene are essential

My massages are tailored for single men and male couples



Relax your body and soul


All is massaged, nothing is neglected, everything is respected


A unique moment to let go

I am located in Paris, France, in the 18th arrondissement,

my massage studio is clean and quiet.



The rich decor and athmosphere will contribute to your relaxation.

The oils I use are lighly scented and are applied hot over the body.


A shower is available.

Respect, hygiene and cleanliness are essential.




Certified teacher

Body treatment

Professionnal Therapist