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Learn the techniques of traditional and tantric massage

Massage training - alone, as a couple you can learn the techniques of the indian ayurvedic traditional massage as well as the more advanced and intimate skills of the tantric massage. I offer the best conditions to learn and practice with groups from 4 to 6 people per session.

The training is done in groups of 2 and 3 so that it includes receiving, giving and observing the massage in 2 and 4 hand practice


The next session will take place in Paris on the weekend of Pentecote, June 8,9,10, over two and a half days for a 20-hour training course.


The proposed techniques that will be covered in the coure are traditional ayurvedic massage

The practice will be naked

This session will be exclusively reserved for men and couples of men.


The price for the complete training is 400 Euros per participant, 700 Euros for a couple.

The price includes brunch for Sunday and Monday


The specialization Tantric massage is done once the traditional massage mastered.

The fee for a 6-hour session of tantric massage is 200 euros per person.

* all is included in the price, oils, supports, snack