Gay Massage Paris


A full range of massages and treatments for men

My massage services are immersive and unique experiences. My clients confirm it to me at every appointment. From the first to the last minute, I strive to be attentive and provide an individualized, neat, generous and precise response. My clients often tell me that my massage services are unique in the world and probably amongst the best massage services available.

Whether with my traditional massages where they find memories of the best received touch in India or for my sensual massages when they discover a technique, sensuality, eroticism of a very rare quality.

My generosity, my honesty and my simplicity associated with a precise technique are undoubtedly one of the reasons. The other is innate, that of my touch, my hands, my commitment, the way my body glides, my softness and my strength, my expertise.

Some say that I have a golden touch, others that I practice massage as an art, that my massages flow perfectly some times compared to a  perfect choreography.

I have built my massage offering through my experiences and by listening to my clients. The range of massages I propose must allow each one to find the care and the massage in perfect adequacy with a need or an envy. In some cases you know exactly what you want, but it also happens to not have such a clear vision.

For the novice, who has never or never received a massage, a menu of massages can seem complex and the choice to be difficult.

For the person who is used to being massaged, the desire to discover new techniques or sensations is often present but we prefer not to venture too much.


During the appointment, your desires are defined, according to the mood, the feeling, and the moment. It is therefore important to stay open and to express your desires as clearly as possible. We must take the time to talk to each other, to define together what is possible and the conditions under which the massage will take place. The massage must to each person according to the moment.



My massages are naked, the man receiving the massage and myself are naked during the whole massage session.

My traditional massages do not contain any sexual or erotic dimension, all men can receive this massage with confidence. If the man receiving the massage does not want me to be naked, I can wear shorts or underwear, just ask.

My sensual massages can be defined as gay massages. These sensual massages explore the sensual and erotic dimensions, they are addressed by their nature to gay and bisexual men.


A quality massage often causes an erection, it is quite natural to get aroused. The man receiving the massage may wish that this erection be integrated into the massage and satiated. This option is possible regardless of the massage performed. If this is during a traditional massage session an extra fee will be charged. For sensual massages this is included, no fee will be added.

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I have received the best professional training in traditional Ayurvedic massage, kalari massage, Thai and yoga massages. This is the guarantee that I am abilitated to dispense these treatments with authenticity and quality.



My training and studies of yoga and tantra practice combined with my flexibility, sensuality and eroticism allowed me to expand my professional massage services to incorporate a range of gay massages and sensual men's treatments.

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Proposed in a different way you will go to the range of traditional massages or to the range of sensual massages according to the degree of sensuality and intimacy that you want.


All my massages and treatments are done with professionalism. Mutual respect, hygiene and confidentiality are at the heart of my practice and I accept no derogation from these rules.