Pricing and details of my traditional massages for men

I propose a range of massages and treatments using ancient techniques of India and Thailand Ayurveda, the science of the body at the service of the welbeing of the contemporary urban man


Massage is an experience for all the senses, the oil, the lotions, the scents are extremely important bringing a full aromatherapy dimension to the massage.

I blend high quality organic oils mixing Hemp and Wheat germ oils to offer the best combination of massage oil possible. It offers the best nourishment for your skin as it is composed of the best natural and organic nutrients available: Omega 3, 6 & 9 as well as stereatic an palmitic acid and a very high dosage of vitamin E. It's extremely soft and fluid top the touch, very smooth and non greasy. The scent is added through a unique blend of organic essential oils, its very light and will not leave any long lasting smell to the skin. The shower gel and shampoo is also organic and is delicately scented.


For TRADITIONAL AYURVEDIC massages, I can propose the highly scented and very potent ayurvedic blend 'Dhanwantharam' - It's smell is long lasting and the oil is very greasy.


Massage traditionnel
Massage ayurvedique

Ayurveda massage

Hot oil treatment for your body, naked massage for the male body 


A traditional massage technique from India based on the energy flows of the body. My technique associates the softness of the Abhyanga oil bath to the precision of mama treatment for muscular release. My ayurvedic full body massage is a unique mix of a soft and firm touch, vigor, varied rhythms and pressures for a truly deep and efficient release of all tensions.  


Length : 60 or 90 minutes  

Price : 90 / 120 euros

Massage avec les pieds
Massage sportif Kalari

Kalari Yoga Massage

Deep tissue and stretch, naked sports massage

A massage for people who wish to improve their flexibility and receive a deep pressure massage. Feet can be used to administer part of the massage. Hands, elbows and forearms are also used to apply pressure and relieve body stresses and tensions. It is based on the traditional kalari martial art massage technique. It adds elements from the traditional thaï massage pressure releasing techniques and some elements of yoga anatomy and stretching.


Length : 90 minutes

Price : 150 Euros


Shirodhara - Forehead oil drip and light body massage

Ultimate relaxation for the mind
A very traditional treatment that involves the pouring of hot oil in a constant flow on the forehead and the third eye. The body is covered by a blanket after having received a gentle oil massage. The effect of this treatment is a very deep relaxation of the mind.  
A truly divine and unique experience.



Length : 60 minutes

Price : 150 euros

Scrubs and body masks

A range of treatments available as an option


Toning Scrub - A treatment that can be practiced before an oil massage to gently cleanse and tone the skin. It is a tonic application of an ayurvedic spice powder on the body.

Supplement - 50 Euros


Purifying Mask - An end-of-massage treatment to clean the skin gently and remove the oil without using soap thanks to the application of a dough based on a vegetable meal.

Supplement - 30 Euros

Facials, scalp, feet

Complementary massage care


Facial - A complete care: cleansing, gentle exfoliation, honey mask, vegan milk cleansing, massage and firming care.

Supplement - 60 Euros


Scalp - Toning of the scalp

Supplement - 30 euros


Feet - Foot massage in the bowl

Supplement - 30 euros