Pricing and details of my sensual massages for men

I propose a full and extensive range of sensual massages designed to satisfy the sensual and erotic requirements of the gay and bisexual male. My sensual massages and treatments will answer the needs of the men in search of an intimate, erotic and even a sexual dimension to their full body massage.


My sensual massages are graduated. This allows everyone to receive the perfect massage depending on the degree of proximity, intimacy desired.


The genitals and prostate are massaged and relieved during all my sensual massages, it's also  possible to avoid or take special care of one of these areas.

If special care and specific attention is required, I will probably suggest a targeted treatment for this.


It is possible to personalize the massage or treatment according to specific needs, just explain as clearly as possible what is desired so that I can adjust or make a specific proposal that will meet expectations.


My sensual massages are high end, I am very attentive to details and I take special care to deliver the best massage service possible. I work with full respect of intimacy and special needs. 


Massage is an experience for all the senses, the oil, the lotions, the scents are extremely important bringing a full aromatherapy dimension to the massage.

I blend high quality organic oils mixing Hemp and Wheat germ oils to offer the best combination of massage oil possible. It offers the best nourishment for your skin as it is composed of the best natural and organic nutrients available: Omega 3, 6 & 9 as well as stereatic an palmitic acid and a very high dosage of vitamin E. It's extremely soft and fluid top the touch, very smooth and non greasy. The scent is added through a unique blend of organic essential oils, its very light and will not leave any long lasting smell to the skin. The shower gel and shampoo is also organic and is delicately scented.



Tantra and chakras
Tantric and erotic massage

Tantric massages

This range of massages is unique. It is a rare mixture of techniques and sensations that will allow to let go of all body tensions, from the muscular dimension to the most intimate zones,  in total harmony.


Each sensual massage offers a degree of intensity and proximity so that each person can receive the best massage .


The massages are best in the 75 minute format,  but I also propose a 45 minutes version which is ideal if you do not have too much time available.


It is important to share your wishes and expectations, so that the massage I will propose will adapt to you, so that you receive the best massage, the massage you wish for.



Hygiene, cleanliness and respect are essential to me.

A shower will be taken before and after the massage.

Latex protection and suitable lubricants are used for the comfort and protection of everyone.

The sensual massages are declined according to the degree of intimacy wished as well as the intensity in three levels.

For people who want a sports, deep tissue sensual and erotic massage, I will work based on  the erotic massage pricing.


Sensual and tantric massage :

This is a massage where I only use my hands, the intimate space of the person being massaged is respected.

The focus is on the chakras, the spinal column, the breathing and the letting go sexual.

Its the perfect massage for the man who does not want too much proximity with the therapist.

45 minutes - 120 Euros

75 minutes - 150 Euros


Erotic and tantric massage :

This massage will engage more body to body contact with a lot of body flow and mutual contact. It's clearly and erotic massage where the therapist will use his whole body to massage the other. 

This is the perfect massage for the man who likes to receive the best erotic massage and feel the body of the therapist glide sensually over his body. Its the best massage for receiving very intimate and erotic touch and having intimacy and proximity with the therapist, and enjoying mutual intimate touch.

45 minutes - 150 Euros

75 minutes - 200 Euros


Sexual Massage :

This massage adds sexual interaction to the massage and allows for any interaction to take place during the session. Full body contact, mutual touch are the center of this very intimate massage treatment.

This is the perfect massage for the man who desires the massage to go that much further into sexual intercourse. Being fully versatile and nicely equipped, all options and positions  are possible.

45 minutes - 200 Euros

75 minutes - 250 Euros


Massage for couples :

This massage adapts to the wishes of the couple, as a general rule it is an erotic massage with interactions. It is defined spontaneously and is completely personalized.

75 minutes - 300 Euros


Out call :

My minimum charge is 200 euros for a 60 minute sensual or erotic massage, any added services will be charged extra


Extra time :

Should you wish to have the session extended, I will charge 50 euros for 20 minutes.


Training :

I offer training for traditional d tantric massages in small groups or for couples.


Times indicated are only for the massage, you should add time for the welcome, the shower(s), some rest time. In general this adds up to 30 minutes.


Special intimacy treatment

I propose special sessions for men who require a focused approach to one or more of their sexual intimacy. This sensual and sexual care is done in 30-minute sessions and focuses on one or  two areas as follows.

Zone 1 - Prostate, anus, thighs

Zone 2 - Lingam, phalus, penis, lower belly

30 minutes - 100 Euros


Finishing touch to a traditional massage

For those who wish to add a finishing touch to their traditional massage and receive a happy ending massage.

Extra charge - 30 euros