July 2020 - I will be available for massages from July 7 to 10th

Massages and treatments in Paris

By appointment only

 From September 7th, services will be open again for massage

availability is limited to 

Tuesday from 10am to 9pm

Wednesday from 10am to 5pm

Thursday from 10am to 1pm

Some requests for monday and Thursday evening are possible

Please contact me by text message or whatsapp, this the easiest for me

My phone number + 33 6 42 27 36 80

To make an appointment for your gay massage you must contact me.


Please specify your date and time zone for your appointment as well as an idea of the massage that you want me to re-examine as soon as possible.


By WHATSAPP or SIGNAL + 33 6 42 27 36 80

This is the best way to contact me, I use these two instant messaging systems, I am always reachable by this means.


By SMS + 33 6 42 27 36 80

When I'm in France, SMS is a good way to contact me and make an appointment.

When I am in India I disable my French chip and I go on my Indian chip, I do not receive SMS, I could not answer you.


By email -

Use the form below to contact me by email


By phone + 33 6 42 27 36 80

This is not necessarily the best way to contact me because I do not answer the phone when I'm busy or meeting you, you can leave me a message but I might take a little time to listen to it and answer you.

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