Frequently asked questions  - FAQ

Advance booking

I limit the number of appointments I do per day to guarantee you the best level of service. If your availability is limited, its preferable to book in advance so that the appointment meets your schedule. A confirmation will be made on both sides 24hrs before. A last minute appointment is always possible, for this I advise you to contact me in the morning so that I can quickly give you my availability for that day. SMS is great for this

Out Call

Its easier and more practical for me to host you, but I you want I can come to you. For this I must charge a supplement and a minimum fee of 150 euros, as the travel time must be accounted for. This type of appointment should be booked in advance

Who do I massage

I massage any clean and hygienic person, irrelevant of age, gender, sexuality and physical shape

How do I massage

My technique is quite strong and energetic, my touch is manly and cannot be described as effleurage or feather touch. I nevertheless do my best to be very much in touch with your mood and body requirements, I am also very soft and caring. My touch is precise and adapts to you and to what I feel I offer different massages, each will make you discover different sensations. Each will cover in its own way the key elements; muscles, articulations, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, energetic and emotional balance and breathing. The 60 minute sessions are usually efficient if practiced daily for 7/14 or 21 days, otherwise their effect is more superficial than a 90 minute session The Shower A shower and clean towels are available. It can be used before and/or after the massage

Oils, Creams, Powders

The oils and products I use are for cosmetological usage are hypoallergenic, 100% vegetal and non toxic. My base massage oil is Macadamia and wheat germ. I source these oils from a company called Olvea, that is certified ECOCERT, and ensure the quality and traceability of their products. The essential oils I use are organic oils from the following suppliers; Florame, Herbéo, Herbeus, Pro Aroma and Vitalba, I also use ayurvedic oils that are sesame based formulations that I import from India, my suppliers are PVA clinic in Kannur Kerala and Kottakal. The rose and saffron face cream and powders are sourced from PVA Kannur Face masks are from Biotique or made from femin powder from PVA Clinic Kannur with organic honey sourced locally Massage surface I do not massage on a table I massage on a large and comfortable floor mat This allows for a greater freedom in movements as well as better support and is te traditional way to massage I use cotton sheets and traditional indian dhotties to lye on and as covers. This is more comfortable and hygienic than towels or paper. These are changed and cleaned for each session

Atmosphere and discretion

The decoration of the massage studio will make you travel and you might feel transported to a quiet and serene space where time has stopped. The music is soft as are the lights, my wish is to welcome you in to peace and quiet. I am very discreet and respectful and would never contact you without full respect of the guidelines you give me

Arrival, Departure

I am located very close to 4 metro stations and of the main line Gare du nord train station. Car and taxi access is very easy, you can also find Velib stations close by. Being on time is appreciated, should be running ate please let me know I can arrange for a taxi after the massage, please don't hesitate to ask

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