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About me,

I discovered Ayurvedic massage in India and I received many massages in many places during my travels in India, where is was going more and more. In France I tried many massages in various spas as well as from individual therapists, but I preferred by far the Ayurvedic approach and technique. The Tapovan institute in Paris gave me more than five years of regular treatments, its very traditional approach was what I was seeking above all.


My nature being very attentive to others as well as being extremely  sensual, I had more and more desire to learn to massage.


In Goa, on the beach of Palolem, at Cosy Nook, I met a masseur who gave me his gift of massage. He did it by smiling, caring and his sense of innate touch, a very very intimate approach but so respectful that I understood that if I were to learn to massage it would be in India, and,  I had to take inspiration from this man if I was to become a special and authentic massage therapist. Several years later, I went back to see him and thank him for his gift.


I was looking for a school, a clinic that provided certification and was respectful of ancestral traditions. I went to Northern Kerala, one of the birth places of Ayurveda, I found a place that seemed to match my criteria, the PVA Institute in Kattampaly.


The teaching that I received was perfect, a strong traditional base, a training on all possible massages and treatments as well as the variants of the massage on the floor, as well as the conduct of the 4 hands protocols. 


My massage teacher was from the schools of Kalaripayatu, I was able to receive this very technical teaching in addition to my classical Ayurveda training.


This base allowed me to build my own protocol that was inspired by the best massages I had been able to receive. I naturally continued to meet masseurs, mainly from the Kalaripayatu martial art schools. My experience continued and I started to massage professionally by building and nourishing my protocols as I moved forward and gained maturity and experience.


After more than five years of practice, my traditional protocols had matured and I had added Tantric, sensual and erotic massages to my practices. I decided to follow traditional massage trainings in Thailand.  I attended training courses in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, at the sunshine and WatPho Institute,  I learned the traditional and therapeutic techniques. I also took the opportunity to try the local sensual masseurs to see if I had things to learn, this was not the case and in many cases I was quite disappointed with the quality of the massages offered in this setting. I was comforted in the direction I had taken.

Franco-British, India is my country of heart and learning. Since 2007 I have been spending my winter there and extending my stays as time moves on. I now spend almost half of the year.


I added to the massage, the Yoga that I practice and I teach in Paris. In India I organize Yoga and massage retreats as well as cultural trips for individuals, couples and small groups.


I am gay and my speciality is men. So my massages and my yoga are designed for men and exclusively male.


I position myself as traditional and authentic therapist, practitionner and teacher.

My massages are luxurious, generous and precise.

I do my utmost to adapt to my clients and their needs.


My massages are fully naked and unambiguous.

I aim to serve a clientele of men, of connoisseurs for expect the best treatments, massages and service.


My approach is first and foremost simple, straightforward and honest. 

My touch is precise, adapted to each and every part of the body.  My own body is supple and agile, which allows me to position myself at best throughout the massage all around the massaged person.


I take into considerations all the layers of the body, my practice of Yoga is here a tool that I use to find coherence, align energies, find areas to release and bring the breath, the Prana, in areas of relaxation.


I am by nature extremely sensual and very sexual, but I place respect at the highest of my scale of values, therefore I do not transgress the limits set by my clients and I expect likewise from them.


In the context of sensual and sexual massages, I respond to the needs of each client according to his desires and wishes. I adapt perfectly to a lot of situations and proposals. I am quite versatile, agile and flexible. I have beautiful shapes and I maintain my body through Yoga and gentle bodybuilding exercises, to maintain a slim, muscular and supple body. 

For more than 10 years I hold a blog. It is mainly focused on my career, my training and my discoveries during my stays outside Paris. I am a great lover of nature and looking for my own nature, it was important for me to take notes, reflect and share my thoughts. To access it, CLICK HERE

Another of my passions is photography, I put online almost all my photos, they are available in galleries classified by year and place, CLICK HERE

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