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About me,

My traditional massage training started with Ayurveda, the science of the body, massage techniques that date back to Vedic times. This approach is primarily based on a global vision of the body, an energetic and emotional vision. Hot oil is sometimes associated with powders of roots and spices to nourish and relax the skin and muscles. It was north of Kerala in a traditional clinic that I was trained, I completed this training through meeting various masseurs and massage masters  in the four corners of India where I reside part of the year.

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I continued my ayurvedic training by attending traditional martial arts practice centers, the Kalaripayatu. It is in this context that I learned to massage with my feet, to apply strong pressure and to stimulate deep stretching. I learned sports massage techniques where the pressure becomes more intense to go deeper into the muscle and fascia.

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I then decided to take an interest in Thai massage techniques. I attended training in Chiang Mai and Bangkok in the best schools of Thaïland. I learned the techniques of wellness massages and the more advanced techniques of therapeutic massages. This teaching allowed me to better understand the trigger points and the careful and precise work of the energy lines, the meridians.

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Franco-British, India is my country of heart and learning, I reside there part of the year.


I am specialized in massages and care for men, an high end and quality service. My craft and art is to realise luxurious and generous massages for a clientele of demanding men and connoisseurs. I practise mainly naked and my touche and technique are in no way ambiguous.

I am very simple and easy going and do my best to make my clients feel confortable and at ease in my massage studio. My approach is above all simple, direct and frank. I offer generous treatments and massages adapted to the needs of each client. I give special attention to everyone. My trainings, my path are rich, this allows me to propose a range of high-end massages, unique care, coherent and structured treatments.

My touch is precise, adapted to each and every area massaged, my body is flexible and agile, which allows me to position myself in the best ways throughout the massage all around the person massaged.

I propose massages and traditional care where the sexual dimension is absolutely not provoked.

I also propose massages that touch the sexual dimension without neglecting the muscular aspects or the whole body which becomes progressively more sensual, can be even erotic and sometimes sexual.

I care about the integration of all the layers of the body, my practice of yoga here is a tool that I use to find the coherence, to align the energies, to find the zones to be released and to bring the breath, the prana, into the pleasure zones and procure deep relaxation.

I am by nature extremely sensual and very sexual but I place respect at the top of my scale of values, I never transgress the limits fixed by my customers and I expect the same in return.

As part of the sensual and sexual massages, I meet the needs of each client according to his desires and wishes. I adapt perfectly to a large number of situations and proposals. I am quite versatile, agile and flexible. I have a good body, shapes and forms, I maintain my body through yoga and a very soft approach to bodybuilding, doing my best to maintain a thin, healthy, muscular and flexible body.


I also offer massage training and workshops for men and couples. I organize yoga workshops and massage courses for groups of men looking to deepen their practice or discover new techniques.

I also organize individual and personalized retreats in exceptional settings, a luxurious and tailor-made service that can integrate a wide variety of activities and themes.

For more than 10 years I hold a blog. It is mainly focused on my career, my training and my discoveries during my stays outside Paris. I am a great lover of nature and looking for my own nature, it was important for me to take notes, reflect and share my thoughts. To access it, CLICK HERE

Another of my passions is photography, I put online almost all my photos, they are available in galleries classified by year and place, CLICK HERE

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